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In Herman Hesse's novel "Steppenwolf," Harry Haller encounters a dreamlike inscription over a door in the old section of town that reads:




This inscription symbolizes a pivotal moment in Harry Haller's life. It serves as an invitation for Harry to explore the depths of his own psyche and confront the various facets of his identity. The "Magic Theatre" represents a metaphorical and psychological journey rather than a physical place. It's an invitation for Harry to delve into the inner workings of his mind, to confront his inner demons, and to explore the many conflicting aspects of his personality.

For Harry, who often feels like a divided and tormented individual (hence the term "Steppenwolf"), this inscription signifies an opportunity for self-discovery and transformation. He embarks on a surreal and introspective journey through the Magic Theatre, encountering a series of symbolic and surreal experiences that challenge his perceptions of self and reality. Ultimately, this journey leads him to a deeper understanding of himself and his place in the world. The Magic Theatre represents the idea that one must confront and embrace their inner complexities and contradictions in order to truly live and find meaning in life.


Kommetjie Beach 2019 by Derek Hudson



The simple passage of time as well as life events like illness, war, death of a loved one, divorce, rehab/sobriety, natural disaster, retrenchment etc., can shift our reality (consciousness) and take us off our path and out of a sense of satisfaction, meaning and purpose in life. This can be experienced for example as a lack of inner vibrancy and a feeling of being disengaged or stuck.

How can we resurrect our inner vibrancy? Here are 4 suggestions:

(1) Become curious about what you don't know about yourself and how learning new things about yourself could shift your life?

(2) Become curious about the distinction between scripted and unscripted reality (consciousness) and how deeper insight into consciousness can shift your life. The masters of unscripted reality (silver zone) are responsible for the radical renewal of our socio-cultural, economic and political world.

(3) Rumi said the light shines through the wound. What he's saying is that our gifts, superpowers and genius are entangled or enmeshed in the scar-tissue of our psyche (body-mind, consciousness) and therefore not directly knowable (buried in our sub-(un)-conscious). Our triggers give us conscious clues to our unconscious wounds.

(4) Myth (mythology) and story opens up a mystical “back-door” into our unconscious. The moment we lean-in and participate in the mystery through the narrative, images and symbolic thinking (metaphor, paradox) of myth and story, the portal (back-door) appears for us to choose to walk through.

  • The Red Porcupine Heliacal Rising Star series is simply a vehicle (like a mantra in meditation) to access the deeper, hidden parts of ourselves for the purposes of self-awareness, serving our journey towards mastery of unscripted reality.
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Death & Rebirth (Unscripted Red Zone)

Are Samo Burja's Live Players Masters of Unscripted Reality? (they can do things that have never been done before)


Kommetjie Beach 2019 by Derek Hudson

consciousness (SOUL)

In 1974 the philosopher Thomas Nagel wrote a paper called “What is it like to be a bat?” He was asking about the something-it-is-like-ness of the subjective experience of being a bat i.e., what is it like for Henry the bat to be Henry the bat? Does he even have an inner world and if so, what is it like?

Through a spiritual lens our inner world, subjective experience and sense of continuity of identity across our lifetime despite our many changes, is called soul, - for academics and scientific researchers, consciousness.

Max Blumenthal

Caitlin Johnstone

Eva Bartlett

Bayo Akomolafe

Glenn Greenwald

Unscripted Reality


(1) That from a consciousness perspective there are two dominant meta-categories of subjective reality or lived experience, which I call scripted reality (consensus, safe path) and unscripted reality (individuated, experimental path).

(2) That the global trauma of the past couple of years - Covid 19, the liberation of the Donbass via the Russian SMO, US-UK-EU aligned sanctions and the shift away from US hegemony towards a global multipolar reality, 7th October and the Israeli (plausible) genocide of Palestinians in Gaza - have catalysed and shifted consciousness for a significantly large number of people.

(3) That navigating the personal and collective consciousness of unscripted reality is fundamentally different to navigating scripted reality.

(4) That this significant increase in the number of individuals navigating unscripted reality will have a profound impact on our personal, social, cultural, economic and political reality.

(5) Future transhuman beings with artificial intelligence and artificial “consciousness”, will have a scripted consciousness and live scripted lives.


If you live in a scripted reality you defer to external authorities and pursue external validation through social status, social prestige and financial success and see these as defining measures of identity, meaning, purpose, fulfilment and worth. Rules, values and norms are externally imposed based on society’s laws, customs and taboos which you accept unconditionally and rely on to feel safe. Society rewards you for your conformity. Deviation from the social norm is not supported, even discouraged or punished. You have a high need to belong and therefore avoid negative attention, criticism, rejection, shame and exile. You maximise survival, safety and comfort over truth. Stability is a central driving force.


If you live in an unscripted reality you submit to your own internal authority and no longer need and seek external validation but instead are driven by your own judgement, internal values and ideas of meaning and worth (self-validation). You experience the scripted reality of society as limiting and have a need to live more authentically and realise a greater potential (there must be more to life than this). The truth is reached through personal experience and you are prepared to take some risks to find it. Personal inspiration is more important than meeting other’s expectations. You dare to challenge ideas, explore taboos and kick-back at society’s pressure to conform despite negative consequences. You are not afraid to be independent, to pioneer or to lead a more solitary life. Inner authority together with a need to experiment, a longing to fulfil a greater potential, to live authentically and feel unbounded and free-spirited, define this type of consciousness in unscripted reality.

The individuals mastering unscripted reality are responsible for the radical renewal (transformation) of our socio-cultural, economic and political reality. In scripted reality (consciousness) people are motivated primarily by money, status, social-esteem and comfort. In unscripted reality people are motivated by the pursuit of truth, personal experience, authenticity, living in alignment with own values, sense of purpose and freedom to change. Everyone living in unscripted consciousness is a truth activist in some shape or form. What is your form?


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Richelle Steyn on Kommetjie Beach 2019 by Derek Hudson


In 2013-14 I created and facilitated a personal transformation experience called Journey into the Underground Forest. It was based on the myth Handless Maiden (Silver Hands) and is essentially a story about the development and evolution of consciousness – the way certain life experiences shatter our egocentric reality and wake us up to deeper dimensions of ourselves and life.

I became curious about our own unique personal myths (stories) and started a formal study of Evolutionary Astrology (the astrology of the evolution of consciousness) which provides insight into the subjective experience of being human as well as proposing a psycho-spiritual framework of consciousness. I certified with Maurice Fernandez after completing his Comprehensive Diploma Program.

In 2018-21, my in-person workshops and then online course 12 Steps to Mastery, focussed on a feature in our symbolic birth maps that dominates our consciousness and urges us to achieve mastery (synthesis) of the polarities in our lives to reach towards our evolutionary (consciousness) imperatives.

A major shift during 2022-23 has been my integration of Bernadette Brady’s work which includes the broader perspective of the entire skydome (rather than focussing only on the ecliptic, as in the Tropical Astrology tradition).

I was born in South Africa in Durban, on the tropical Indian ocean coast of KwaZulu-Natal. My passion for the human psyche - or rather my need to understand what it means to be human and to better navigate my life - led to a formal study of psychology and philosophy, then later an Honours degree in Psychology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Community Psychological Practice both from the University of Johannesburg. This in parallel to full time work in corporate Information Technology (IT) as a programmer, business analyst and project manager - which I formally left in 2013.